Dahlia Lindas Baby

Our Story


Little Wild Flower was created by me, Gemma in 2020, but it is very much a family business.  Flowers have always been a big part of my life and I have been growing my own cut flowers for about 10 years. 


I love seasonal flowers, with their wonky stems and unique look, no two are ever the same. Growing each flower from a little seed and watching them flourish into the ingredients that go into our bouquets is a real joy. 

I love the natural, garden gathered look and my style is very much inspired by the seasons. Our growing season runs from mid April right through to October or until the first frost. 


We take a sustainable approach to growing our flowers, meaning no pesticides are used. Instead working with not against the wonderful array of wildlife that we are very lucky to have in the cutting garden. There’s nothing better than listening to the bees buzz around or catching sight of a ladybird devouring those pesky aphids on the sweet peas. We only ever use peat free compost or homemade where possible. ​


All of our designs are only ever made using foam free techniques. Everything we use to wrap our bouquets is compostable and the jars we use for our jam jar flowers are recycled. 


Gemma x

We are very proud to be members of Flowers from the farm, who are a not-for-profit organisation that aim to encourage more people to grow cut flowers for market in the UK and to promote British grown flowers.